Dear Valued Customers

Updated 12th July 2020

We hope that you are all keeping well during these very strange times. The Ravery’s team have been keeping busy re-designing the salon so that it is fully Covid-safe. We wanted to share with you our revised safety procedures and service changes that are in effect to ensure that we can continue to operate whilst keeping our clients and staff safe.

We look forward to seeing you again soon and hope to make a positive impact on your well-being...

Ravery’s COVID-19 SERVICE CHANGES so that we can care for you and your well-being:

  • Ravery’s hair department will be open 6 days – Monday to Saturday to help accommodate social distancing rules. Our opening days/hours will be subject to change depending on Staffing levels. When we re-open we will be offering nail and beauty appointments from Monday to Saturday also.
    Mon: 10am – 6pm
    Tues: 10am – 6pm
    Wed: 10am – 6pm
    Thurs: 10am – 6pm
    Fri: 10am – 6pm
    Sat: 9:30am – 5:30pm
  • Bookings will be by appointment only.
  • All Staff will be wearing PPE during your visit with us. This will include a face visor, gloves, and a disposable apron with sleeves.
  • Ravery’s Staff will be given a temperature check at the start of their shift to ensure they are fever free.
  • There will be no more than 3 Stylists in the Salon at any given time.
  • All hair work-stations will be 2 metres apart where possible. Where this is not possible, perspex barrier screens will be present in designated areas to provide added protection.
  • Only one client will be allowed per Stylist at a time.
  • Thorough work-station cleaning, including all use of hair equipment will be carried out in between each client appointment. Stylists will wear a new apron with sleeves and gloves when servicing each client.
  • Ravery’s ‘Worth It Wednesday’ and ‘Blow Dry Club’ Offer will no longer be valid on Re-opening. Unfortunately, due to the significant business impact of being closed for several months, it is not sustainable to continue any offers for the foreseeable future. By doing so, Ravery’s will be able to continue trading and keep staff employed.
  • Until the COVID-19 Pandemic has passed, Ravery’s will be implementing a temporary ‘Safety Charge’ (£5.95) which will be added onto every client’s bill. Ravery’s wants to stress that this is purely a temporary charge to cover safety costs that Ravery’s has had to implement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These safety measures include all disposable PPE equipment required for each client’s service visit, the use of disposable cups, extra cleaning materials, sterilisation equipment and Staff Cleaning ‘time’ in between client appointments.
  • Services that Ravery’s will NOT be offering for the time being:
    Fringe trim (you can still have your fringe cut if having a Wash, Cut and Finish)
    Touch-Up colour (by itself)
    Few Foils (by itself)
    Rough Dry
    Wash Off
  • Children’s Cuts: Ravery’s will still be carrying out children’s cuts if accompanied by one parent. Young children must be supervised at all times and are not permitted to walk freely around the salon. We will only be allowing one parent and child in the salon at any one time to prevent overcrowding. If you need to bring your child with you to an appointment, please let us know so that we can manage bookings effectively.
  • Due to Ravery’s not being able to carry out EXPRESS colour services in salon, as an alternative we will be providing a NEW ‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP’ service. This is where your colour mix can be pre-mixed for you in salon ready for you to collect and apply at home. ‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP’ packages will be equivalent to Ravery’s normal ‘Touch-Up’ service – which is root colour that covers the front half of your scalp only.
  • ‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP’ packages cost £15.00 and the ‘Safety Charge’ will not be applied. (Tint brush applicators can be purchased separately should you want one). With each colour mix, a pair of disposable gloves will be given as well as a full set of instructions that will be attached to the take-away box. If you wish to purchase a ‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP’ package, please call the salon in advance and speak with Reception (leave a message if we do not get to the phone), so that a collection time can be arranged. Colour mix collections will take place on Monday mornings, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays only. It is important to note that if you purchase a ‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP service’ – you will need to apply the colour as soon as you get home. (‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP collection days will be subject to change depending on Staffing levels).
  • In addition to the ‘Take-away Colour TOP-UP’ service we will also allow customers to come in for a Re-growth Tint or Full Head Tint and then go straight home to wash their hair should they wish. (A disposable shower cap will be placed over coloured hair). This will only be allowed if you request your usual colour mix (as Stylist’s, we need to know that the colour mix works for you). If you would like to use this new ‘Root in and Out’ service, please state that you would like this option at the time of your booking.
  • For the time being, when you visit Ravery’s – our toilet facilities will only be available in case of emergency (i.e. very desperate)!
  • Please note that should one of Ravery’s Staff display any COVID-19 symptoms we will be phoning all their clients to re-schedule their appointment until the staff member has had a COVID-19 test. All safety protocols will be followed should the result come back positive.

Making an Appointment:

  • Until COVID-19 has passed – ALL hair online bookings will remain suspended. Ravery’s will only be taking hair bookings via phone-call and scheduling diary appointments to ensure both staff and client safety. Due to social distancing and all new safety requirements please be aware that if you call the salon, we may not always be able to answer the phone straight away. If this happens, please do leave us a message and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can. Ravery’s team will be calling all clients who had appointments booked in from the 24th March and going forwards all booking requests will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

The Day BEFORE Your Appointment:

  • Before arriving for your appointment, a member of the Ravery’s team will call you the day before to ask a set of screening questions. These questions are to help ensure the safety of Ravery’s Staff and all our clients in the salon. If you answer, “Yes” to any of the questions below you will be asked to move your appointment to two weeks later. For the safety of all our staff and customers, we ask that you please be honest when answering.
  1. To your knowledge, have you had contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  2. Have you had any of these symptoms in the last 14 days:
    - Fever greater than 100
    - Difficulty breathing
    - Cough
    - Loss of Taste or Smell
  3. Are you living with anyone who is currently self-isolating?

On the day of your Appointment:

  • So that Ravery’s can remain a safe working environment for staff and a safe place for our clients we ask that you please do not enter the Salon until we have called you (via phone) to say that we are ready to commence your appointment. You can either wait in your car nearby or stand outside the shop keeping your distance from the front door.
  • When you do enter the salon, please use the hand sanitiser on Ravery’s Retail Stand (this will be to your right-hand side on entering) or the hand sanitiser at Reception. Signage will be in place to help familiarise yourself with the new Ravery’s layout.
  • Please come to your appointment wearing your own mask if you would prefer to do so (we will have disposable ones at Reception should you need them). We will also have disposable gloves available should you want to wear them.
  • Your Stylist will then carry out one additional safety check before showing you to your seat. An infra-red thermometer will be held near your forehead to double check that you are fever free. (Please note: We are taking this extra safety measure as an added precaution because Ravery’s does not have a large enough team to operate two separate work forces in a shift pattern during this pandemic).
  • For the time being, unfortunately we will not be serving the usual refreshments range. Fresh drinking water is the only form of drink we will have available on request and this will be placed in a disposable cup. You are more than welcome to bring your own drinking flask with your preferred choice of drink.
  • Magazines will not be present in the salon so please feel free to bring your own reading material should you wish.
  • The salon will be operating a one-way flow system on entering and exiting the salon to help minimise client contact and keep to social distancing rules. Please follow the floor guidelines when in salon to help keep You, our staff, and guests safe.
  • Please be aware that if you are booked in for a colour service and your hair requires more colour than what Ravery’s allocates for a normal ‘maintenance’ appointment, an additional £12 will be added to your bill to cover the extra colour cost.
  • Finally, although we may look slightly different in our surgeon-like attire – we are still the same Stylists /Assistant/s/ Receptionist that you have come to know and love. We are really looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to catch up with you and share in some of the drama (hopefully more good than bad) of the past 3 months!


Hygiene Bank drop off at Ravery's

Ravery’s are proud to announce that we are an official drop off point for The HYGIENE BANK

What is The Hygiene Bank?
Think of it like a food bank but for toiletries and beauty/grooming essentials instead, because long before people visit a food bank they stop buying toiletries.

Over 14 million people in the UK live in poverty. That is one in five. One in ten girls cannot afford sanitary wear and many have to miss school.

If you would like to donate, The Hygiene Bank collect the following, which you can drop into Ravery’s.

  • sanitary pads and tampons
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • face wash and cleansers
  • shower gels and deodorant
  • disposable razors and shaving foam
  • Tooth paste and tooth brushes
  • baby toiletries
  • nappies
  • make up and toiletry gifts

Ravery's support The Hygiene Bank

Baltic FC Warlingham

Baltic FC Warlingham

Raverys sponsor local club

Ravery's are happy to announce that we are now official sponsors of Baltic FC Warlingham Football Team. Their new kit, provided by Ravery's proved lucky for the team last weekend. They were losing by 2 goals at half time but came back in the second half, winning 4-2. Ravery's are happy and proud to be able to support a local team.

Baltic FC Warlingham - close up

Raverys Cake Sale

Raverys Cake Sale in aid of WaterAid

Raverys Cake Sale - Saturday 24th & 31st March

All proceeds go to WaterAid

Every day over 1 billion people take their lives in their hands because of unsafe water and inadequate sanitation. To help make a difference to these people the Water Industry set up the WaterAid charity in 1981.

WaterAid enables the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. These basic human rights underpin health, education and livelihoods and form the first, essential step in overcoming poverty.

WaterAid logo

Little Princess Trust

Little Princess Trust

From August to October, Ravery's Salon, in partnership with GHD is proud to encourage clients with long hair to 'chop it to their chin' and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. All hair donations will make a real difference to a young person in need (particularly those who have been diagnosed with cancer and desperately want a life-like wig to replicate their hair that they have lost during cancer treatment). If you are thinking about 'The Chop' please consider having your haircut with Ravery's and Make A Difference!

Love Oxted Awards

If you get the chance, please don't forget to vote for Ravery's in the LOVE OXTED Here to Help Awards. These awards have been created to celebrate excellent customer service and recognise individuals who have gone the extra mile within the local area.

Just go to the Love Oxted website to vote for the businesses and individuals that have served YOU the best.

Love Oxted Day

Come and celebrate the glories of Oxted on this extra special day! From 10am – 4pm in Oxted Town (Station Road West and East) there will be a local produce market offering luxury foods and drinks such as Surrey’s own gin, wine, beer and cider, artisan bakery, chocolate, organic fruit and vegetables, chutney’s and much more! There will also be Street Musicians to entertain you on the day.

Here at Ravery’s we will be holding an adult Lucky Dip in support of Aveda’s Earth Month Charity – Water Aid. All money raised from our Lucky Dip will go directly to Water Aid.

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